Boots Charitable Trust

Supporting local communities across the UK

Established in 1970, Boots Charitable Trust is an independent registered charity in the UK, wholly funded by Boots UK.

To date, the Trust has donated over £10 million to charities across Nottinghamshire. It also helps voluntary organisations that are too small to qualify for charitable status, but still desperately need financial support for their projects.

Applying for help

Applications for funding are made using our new Boots Charitable Trust application portal.

Please ensure you review our charitable giving policy before beginning an application.

To access an application you’ve already made, there are two options:

While we look at nominations from all different charities, our main focus is on the following areas that are very close to our hearts and heritage:

  • Health: Community healthcare, such as homecare or support for sufferers of medical conditions, and health education and prevention
  • Lifelong learning: Local literacy and numeracy projects
  • Community development: For example, supporting councils in providing voluntary services
  • Social care: Personal, social or community activities or schemes.

Non-funded projects

Here is some guidance on those projects we do not supply funding for:

  • Projects benefitting people outside of Nottinghamshire
  • Individuals
  • Organisations that are NOT registered charities and have an income or expenditure of more than £5,000 per year
  • Charities seeking funds to re-distribute to other charities
  • Projects for which there is a legal statutory obligation, or which replace statutory funding.

Deadlines for processing applications

Nominations are reviewed quarterly by a board of Trustees. Timescales for applications are outlined below:

  • Q4 - Application window is open until 31 May 2023. The trustee board meeting will take place in July 2023.
  • Q1 - Application window is open between 1-31 August 2023. The trustee board meeting will take place in October 2023.
  • Q2 - Application window is open between 1-30 November 2023. The trustee board meeting will take place in January 2024.
  • Q3 - Application window is open between 1-28 February 2023. The trustee board meeting will take place in April 2024.

Who are our Trustees?

  • Lucy Reynolds – Vice President and Director of Communications, CSR and Sustainability (Chair)
  • Floss Walton-Bateson – Director of Commercial Finance
  • Lavinia Moxley – Head of Global Beauty Academy
  • Stuart Buchanan – Director of Property Development
  • Beneeta Shah – Head of Pharmacy Stores.