Our stores

We are there to support the needs of our customers and patients for life. With around 1,900 health and beauty stores across the UK, around 85% of the population is within 10 minutes of a Boots store.

All our stores fit into our multi-format strategy, focusing on giving our customers more of what they want and need in the right place with the care of our friendly and professional team members, and the ability through Order & Collect to get any product available at Boots from any store. These formats are:

  • Flagship stores: Our largest and most innovative stores offering our widest range of healthcare services, including pharmacy, Boots Opticians practices and Boots Hearingcare locations and our biggest range of premium beauty and exclusive brands. We also have 90 hybrid stores that pick additional boots.com orders.

  • Local pharmacy: Healthcare-focused community stores. We aim to reach even more of our customers where they want us and work closely with other local healthcare providers to keep local communities healthy.

  • Health and beauty: Edge of town, convenience and high-street stores offering pharmacy services and acting as a destination for shopping with a wide range of products including all Boots leading brands.

  • Travel and airport stores: have targeted ranges to meet the last-minute needs of our customers when they are travelling.