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Skincare solutions in the heat: Boots launches first own rosacea treatment

29 July 2022
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  • Boots first own brand Rosacea Treatment Serum can help reduce symptoms including skin redness, spider veins and dry skin  

  • Boots Pharmacist Bina Mehta shares her tips to help manage rosacea during hot weather 

Boots has launched Boots Dermacare Rosacea Treatment Serum, formulated to help aid rosacea symptoms. 

Rosacea is a long-term common skin condition that mainly affects the face and can flare up during extreme temperatures, particularly the summer months, due to the heightened temperate and rise in humidity. Trademark symptoms include redness or blushing across the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin that comes and goes, spider veins, or a burning or stinging sensation when using skincare products or water 

Boots Dermacare Rosacea Treatment Serum creates a protective film over the skin which helps to strengthen the skin barrier and protect it from external environmental factors, whilst still maintaining usual hydration levels.* 

Bina Mehta, Boots Pharmacist, said: “It is not known what causes rosacea, however symptoms often flare up in extreme temperatures and for many, symptoms get worse in the summerOther triggers include stress, alcohol, certain foods such as dairy products or spicy foods, caffeine and aerobic exercises such as running 

“Here are my top tips to help control your rosacea symptoms throughout the summer months: 

  1. SPF – Using a sun cream is highly recommended, even when it’s overcast or cloudy outside. Make sure you choose one with a SPF factor of 30 or above, and one that protects against UVA and UVB rays. Reduce the time you spend in the sun in the warmer months and try to avoid heat or humid conditions if possible. 

  1. Skincare – Try to use gentle skincare products for sensitive skin. Avoid products that are scented or contain ingredients such as alcohol, menthol and exfoliating agents as these can all irritate the skin and contribute to a flare up. You should try and opt for something described as mild or hypoallergenic instead.  

  1. Diet – Ensure you consume a healthy and balanced diet including plenty of water. Limiting your intake of caffeine and alcohol will help reduce the risk of a flare up. 

  1. Untaxing-exercise – Do not do too much aerobic exercise. It’s important to regularly exercise, and the NHS recommends that adults should do some type of physical activity every day but try and opt for low-impact exercises such as walking or swimming. 

  1. Consult your pharmacist – Your local Boots pharmacist is on hand to discuss your symptoms and advise on suitable products for you. 

Priced at £13.99, Boots Dermacare Rosacea Treatment, is now available in over 1,700 stores nationwide and at Patients can also access prescription-only rosacea treatment via the Boots Online Doctor without having to see a GP.** 

Boots is the leading provider of healthcare on the high street with the biggest range of health and wellness products and an expanding range of services. 

*Suitable for daily use. After 30 days of continuous use, suspend the application for at least one week before restarting the treatment. 

**Access to prescription only medicine is subject to an online consultation with a clinician to assess suitability. Charges apply.


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*Figures accurate as of 30 November 2023