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Get a healthy start this term with Boots UK

25 August 2016
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At Boots UK we’re dedicated to raising the health and happiness of the nation, so while you’re marking name tapes and packing lunchboxes we’re on hand to ensure your children get a healthy start back to school.

1)      Cold and flu relief

Even with the best planning, the odd bout of the sniffles is difficult to avoid as the ‘lurgy’ can make its way round the classroom.

Tom Kallis, Boots UK Pharmacist, says, “I often see parents concerned their children are getting too many colds. While for adults, two to four colds in a year is normal, children can catch as many as eight to 12[1].”

At Boots UK, we offer a range of children’s remedies to help make your little one feel better sooner.

Boots Paracetamol Sachets 3 Months Plus (£2.89, 10 sachets) relieves pain and helps to reduce a fever. If your little one is bunged up, Boots Mild Vapour Rub 3 Months Plus (£2.99) contains a combination of volatile oils for effective cold relief. Always read the label.

2.) Healthy immune system, skin and bones

With their fruity flavours and teddy bear shape, our kid’s vitamin gummies aredesigned to appeal to junior taste buds and active imaginations. Boots Kids Immunity Blackcurrant Gummies (£3.49, pack of 30) contain Vitamin C, Zinc & Selenium to help maintain a healthy immune system.

As the long summer days come to an end children (and adults alike) may need to top up their Vitamin D intake[2]. Boots Kids Vitamin D 30 Orange Gummies  (£3.99) help maintain healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

Tom Kallis comments, “It’s important that growing children get enough vitamins, and at an age when they can be quite fussy eaters it can be hard to give them everything they need through diet alone. Babies who are breastfed should also be given a daily vitamin D supplement from birth[3].”

2)      Lice busting

It’s normal that your kids will want to bring home lots of new friends at the beginning of the new term, but if they’re of the itchy lice variety we want to help you ditch them as quickly as possible.

Tom comments, “Despite their reputation, head lice can only spread by direct head to head contact. They are very unlikely to be passed on by sharing hats, combs and pillows, and once detached from the hair they’ll usually die within 12-24 hours.[4]

Boots Head Lice Solution (£9.99) is an easy way to get rid of head lice and eggs. It kills head lice in 15 minutes, and with combing, helps to remove the eggs by weakening their grip on the hair. It leaves hair clean, feeling soft, smooth and manageable.

3)      Seeing clearly

From wall displays to white boards, there is so much to absorb in the classroom, and with up to 80% of children’s learning achieved through sight[5], we want to help make sure your child can see everything properly.

Boots Optometrist Russell Peake says, “There are certain things to look out for which indicate your child might be struggling to see. They might sit too close to the TV, hold things close to their face, or complain about headaches. It is important to get regular eye tests even if there are no obvious signs.”

At Boots Opticians, we offer a free eye test to all under 16s[6]. Visit book an eye test online.

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[3] .  Babies who are having more than 500ml of infant formula a day shouldn't be given vitamin supplements because formula is fortified with certain nutrients and no other supplementation is required

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[6] Courtesy of the NHS


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