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Demand for products that support gut health soar as Boots UK continues to expand its product offering

20 August 2021
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  • In the past year, sales of gut health products at Boots UK have increased by 59%[i]
  • The retailer has launched 12 new Boots gut health products in the last year, following a rise of 180% in online searches for probiotics  
  • Boots now offers the largest own brand collection of gut health supplements on the high street in their Good Gut range[ii]

The benefits of gut health have become even more pronounced over the past few years, particularly following the pandemic. From aiding digestion to supporting immunity, the soaring sales of gut health products at Boots indicates that consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of taking care of their gut and the added benefits for wider wellbeing too.

Boots Good Gut is currently the largest own brand collection of gut health products on the market, with nine different products within the range that each offer added benefits such as mental focus, skin and hair health, women’s health support, kids and most recently immunity. Boots is dedicated to creating products that are suitable for a variety of consumers looking to take care of their gut, ensuring that they are affordable and accessible.

Boots Gut Health Expert Geoff Briggs said: "70% of the immune cells are found in the gut, and therefore it is important that we look after it. At Boots we want to encourage good gut health, which is why we offer an extensive own brand range that offers something for everyone, supporting several lifestyles and life stages. The Good Gut products offer a variety of additional support across the range, but with live friendly bacteria at the very core.”

Boots continue to add to its range with new innovations within the category. Here are some of the latest launches:

  • Boots Good Gut + Immunity Support – at a time when immunity is increasingly important to consumers, it was only natural for Boots to develop a gut health blend with additional immunity benefits. Enriched with added Vitamin C, D & Zinc to help support the body’s immune system, as well as 12.5 billion biotic cultures to aid good gut health.
  • Boots Kefircustomers are often put off from taking Kefir because of its thick texture and sour taste.  Boots has launched an exclusive, first to market, capsule version that combines all of the benefits of Kefir in an easy to digest format.
  • Boots Synbiotic Gut Blend + Brain Health - a sophisticated blend, combining gut-friendly fibre with 25 billion live friendly bacteria designed to survive, thrive and multiply in the gut. Added benefits such as Vitamins B6, B12 and Zinc help to support brain health with Pantothenic Acids supporting mental performance.

Look out for the latest episode of Boots Wellness podcast series, Taboo Talk, featuring rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson discussing all things gut health and how his interest in this area led to a new business venture.  Episode available now on Spotify and Apple podcasts – enjoy a full gut health 101 lesson!

For further information on the Boots Gut Health range or further expert comments, please contact

[i] Volume of sales data from 1st Jan – 1st May (2020 vs 2021)

[ii] Based on Boots Good Gut range, when compared to UK retailers own brand, individual, gut health supplement ranges


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