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Brits need to be as UV Aware as Aussies come rain or shine!

16 April 2014
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People in the UK still need more support on staying safe in the sun after new research1 reveals nearly a quarter of Brits (22%) only wear sun cream during the summer months when on holiday abroad – unaware that UV protection still matters in the UK.

According to the study commissioned by Boots UK to compare our sun safety behaviours with those of Australians, known for being sun-savvy, Brits needs to adopt the Aussie mentality of total Ultraviolet (UV) protection even on a cloudy day, instead of just slapping on the sun cream when the sun is shining.

The research found that when it comes to enjoying the sun safely, Australians go beyond just sun cream adopting a ‘top to toe’ attitude towards total UV protection.  In addition to a third more Australians than Brits knowing UV damage can occur on a cloudy day, the findings also revealed that compared to us in the UK;

  • Nearly twice as many Australians use Sun Protection Factor (SPF) protection when spending time outside and over twice as many wear SPF 30 or higher
  • Double the number of Australians always wear a hat and nearly double always wear sunglasses to protect themselves in the sun
  • Three times as many Australians have clothing containing SPF; nearly twice as many Australians own swimwear with inbuilt UV protection

Clare O’Connor, Boots UK Suncare Expert says: “Though the UK has less sunshine than Australia, the sun’s UV rays can still penetrate through cloud cover and as most people in the UK only think about UV protection when the sun is shining they may be at higher risk of UV damage.  We hope these findings will inspire people to think differently about their UV protection this summer and beyond.  At Boots UK we understand people need support to stay safe in the sun – from the creation of our 5* UVA rating to protect against UVA and UVB rays to investing in new research, we are committed to providing people with the very best UV protection.”

Dr Adam Friedmann, consultant dermatologist at The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic spent time researching the effects of UV radiation at the University of Sydney, Australia, during which time he became an expert in Australian sun behavior.  Dr Friedmann says: “It is not surprising these findings show Australians have a good understanding of how to enjoy the outdoors while still protecting themselves from UV exposure – in recent years Australia has invested heavily in public health campaigns to educate people on how to enjoy the sun safely.  Changing attitudes towards UV protection takes time, but this research shows that it is possible to make it part of people’s daily routine and get people to adopt a new way of thinking when it comes to sun safety and UV protection.”

Clare O’Connor, Boots UK Suncare Expert continues: “The research shows that in the UK 60% of people don’t use any other SPF protection other than sun cream and only 19% of people in the UK wear sunglasses as UV protection for their eyes, but there are simple things people can do to ensure that have the right level of UK protection:

  • Make sure your sunglasses have a sticker that says they offer 100% UV protection
  • Use a daily skincare range with added SPF and UVA protection to ensure your face is protected before you even put on your make up
  • Consider upgrading your swimwear so it has inbuilt UV protection – especially for your children”


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  1. ICM research conducted on 2,049 people living in the UK and 1,841 people living in Australia via online survey omnibus, April 2014.

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