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Smoke free success in 2014

20 December 2013
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If 2014 is the year that you decide you want to kick the habit, Boots UK can give you access to the right information and support which could make all the difference on your quitting journey. Whether it’s expert advice, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or pharmacist support, there is a wide range of options available to suit you and fit in with your lifestyle.
Support available includes:

  • Boots Smoke Less Plan – a free flexible programme that provides you with personalised advice to help you stop smoking – available at selected Boots UK stores. also hosts a range of tools and guidance to help you on your quitting journey.
  • NHS Stop Smoking Services (charges may apply) are available at participating Boots pharmacies
  • Free NHS Quit Kits which are available at participating Boots pharmacies in England
  • The broadest personalised product range, everything from patches to inhalators at great value

Boots UK is offering £5 off selected nicotine replacement therapy products from 27 December 2013 to 28 January 2014.  
Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist 15mg Inhalator (20 pack, now £16.05 was £21.05)* has a long-lasting cartridge and can be used to help you beat the urge to smoke. The device may also help to keep your hands busy to help ease the symptoms of the process of cutting down. Available in-store now.
If you want something that keeps your smoke free intentions discreet, consider a patch, gum, lozenge or nasal spray. Visit your Boots pharmacy to find the product that may be right for you.

  • Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist Ice Mint 2mg or 4mg Gum* (now £7 for 105 pieces, was £12.00)
  • Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist Fruit Fresh 2mg or 4mg Gum* (now £7 for 105 pieces, was £12.00)


  • Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist Translucent Patch* (available in three strengths: 25mg (step 1), 15mg (step 2) and 10mg (step 3). (Now £6.49, was £12.50)
  • NiQuitin CQ 24 Hour Clear Patches* - available in two steps. (Step 1 and step 2, now £8, was £13).

Lozenges & Spray

  • Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist Lozenges* (96 1mg or 2mg lozenges, now £5.50, was £10.50)
  • NiQuitin CQ Mint Lozenge - 72 pack* available in two strengths: 2mg (step 1) and 4mg (step 2), (now £7, was £12)

Help in-store
Boots Smoke Less Plan is available at selected Boots stores. Boots healthcare advisors have been specially trained to provide support both in-store and over the phone. The plan includes:

  • Initial consultation to help prepare you for your quitting journey and agree personal goals
  • An information pack including a booklet, appointment card and a refer a friend flyer
  • An appointment to establish a date to cut down or quit and create a personalised action plan which may include choosing NRT products (charges may apply)
  • A follow-up appointment usually 7-10 days after the quit, or cut down date to see how you are getting on
  • Ongoing follow up appointments/phonecalls to discuss progress
  • A unique NRT exchange programme that lets smokers swap NRT formats to find the one best suited to them (offered up to two times – once after getting started and at the get back on track stage if needed)

To help support you while you find your way with cutting down or quitting, Boots UK is offering a range of benefits when you join the Boots Smoke Less Plan including vouchers and advantage card points.
The NHS Stop Smoking Services (charges may apply) are available in selected Boots stores for people who want a structured approach to quitting smoking. These may include**:

  • A private and confidential consultation with your stop smoking advisor
  • Regular counselling sessions
  • Nicotine replacement products such as patches, lozenges and gum
  • A Smokalyser test to assess your carbon monoxide levels***
  • Expert advice on becoming smoke free – from how to curb the cravings to what health benefits to expect

The free NHS Quit Kit is also available at participating Boots pharmacies in England (subject to availability). The kit is developed by experts and is packed with practical tools and information to help you quit smoking for good. The Quit Kit contains:

  • A quit planner to help you make a note of the reasons why you want to quit, plus what makes you crave a cigarette so you can recognise the triggers
  • A health and wealth wheel to discover how quitting smoking can help you on your way to a healthier body and bank balance

You can pick up your free kit from participating Boots stores in England (subject to availability). To find the nearest Boots pharmacy that offers the NHS Stop Smoking Service please visit
You can also find more information on how to quit smoking on the smoking cessation health centre.
*Always read the label. Stop smoking aid. Contains nicotine. Requires willpower
**Will vary according to local Health Authority service criteria & eligibility
***Available in selected pharmacies only



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