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Get set for take off and enjoy a healthy flight with Boots UK

17 June 2014
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Whether it is advice on helping to stay comfortable and healthy while you are in the air or making sure you feel rested and ready to hit the beach when you land, Boots UK has your inflight health needs covered.

With a little know how and some flight travel essentials Boots can help you enjoy a healthy take off this summer.  Once on board help protect the family with Boots Pharmaceuticals Cold & Flu Defence Nasal Spray  (£6.99), which is suitable for adults and children over one year old. The aircraft cabin can be an ideal environment for germs to spread, and no body wants to start their holiday with a cold. If you find the cabin air conditioning makes your eyes dry, consider Boots Pharmaceuticals Dry Eyes Eye Mist (£12.49) which can soothe and relieve dry eyes.

Angela Chalmers, Boots UK Pharmacist, comments: “The low humidity of aircraft cabins can cause eyes to feel dry - if you usually wear contact lenses switch to glasses when flying to prevent irritation.  Minimise discomfort in your ears too when adjusting to different air pressures by yawning, swallowing, sucking a boiled sweet or chewing gum, especially during take off and landing.”

Nothing beats washing with soap and warm water, but if this is not possible when travelling, anti-bacterial hand wipes or gel are a great alternative.  Germs barely get a look in with Boots Antibacterial Handgel (£1.49) which has a fast drying moisturising formula that kills 99.9% of bacteria and leaves hands feeling soft and smooth.

Angela Chalmers, Boots UK Pharmacist, gives her top tips for keeping healthy and feeling fresh when on a plane:  “When you board your flight you may want to wipe the seat buckles, arm rest and table to avoid picking up surface bacteria and viruses.  To make sure you feel fresh as you step off the plane after a long and stuffy journey, cleanse your face with a wipe and brush your teeth. Drinking plenty of water during your flight will also help keep you hydrated.”

Help avoid travel sickness with Boots Pharmaceuticals Motion Sickness Tablets (£2.89). Contains Cinnarizine. Always read the label. Taking care over what you eat and drink can also help ensure you feel comfortable during your flight.  Heavy meals can lead to an uneasy stomach, dehydration and tiredness, but this can be easily avoided by selecting different foods and drinks. 

Angela Chalmers, Boots UK Pharmacist comments:   “Eating large meals while flying can overwhelm your digestive system which can result in bloating, gas or constipation. When travelling be sure to choose light snacks, avoid too many carbohydrates, drink water regularly and avoid alcohol to help prevent any discomfort.”

Boots UK pharmacists are on hand in all our pharmacies to help make sure your trip to the sun is a safe and healthy one. DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and fluid build up can occur when you spend a long period of time inactive when flying. Boots Pharmaceuticals Flight Socks (£13.49) provide a clinically proven level of compression which helps to increase blood flow and reduces the risk of flight-related DVT.
Angela Chalmers, Boots UK Pharmacist comments:  “When on an aeroplane it is important to keep moving during your flight.  Blood clots can happen when the legs are in the same position for twenty minutes or more, so take your shoes off to allow you to wriggle your toes and circle your ankles at regular intervals.  Remember to walk up and down the aisles a few times when you are flying too as this will keep your blood circulation flowing freely.” 

A long journey can be a great opportunity to grab forty winks to help you feel relaxed and ready for your holiday to start, as soon as you land.   Boots Pharmaceuticals Flight Earplugs (£4.69) can relieve flight ear discomfort and reduce noise to help you sleep.

Angela Chalmers, Boots UK Pharmacist comments:  “On long trips to exotic places it is important to rest during the journey.  The quality of sleep is more important than the length of your snooze – just twenty minutes can be enough.  An eye mask and neck pillow can help you have power snoozes during your flight and ear plugs are great if you are sensitive to sound.”

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