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Get prepped and protected for back to school with Boots UK

20 August 2014
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We all know school is the perfect place for learning, but with technology playing an increasing role in interactive lessons, children may need a helping hand to stay well in the digit-ill classroom this September.  Interactive whiteboards and iPad sharing, as well as the never ending popularity of the ‘selfie’, are all making it easier for germs and head lice to spread, but with a little back to school help from Boots UK, parents can keep their kids on top form and ensure they make the most of the new term ahead.
Ipad Immunity
Dr. Benjamin Neuman, a virologist from the University of Reading, says: “During the course of a school day, one single child has the potential to create almost one million bacteria.  It is these bacteria that cause rashes, colds and upset tummies, so with teaching equipment such as interactive white boards and iPads constantly being touched and shared by children, germs are likely to spread far more quickly and easily.
“One of the simplest ways to help keep germs at bay is to zap them before they get the chance to spread.  Keeping hands clean with anti viral foam or wipes is an easy and effective way of doing this, so I always recommend that parents keep a handy bottle or packet on them.  A wipe or squirt rubbed thoroughly into the hands is very effective and is often a lot easier than getting children to wash their hands more frequently!”
Healthy Selfie
The rise of the mobile phone ‘selfie’ means that children’s heads can more regularly come into close contact, which can make it easy for head lice to spread from one person to another.
Boots Pharmacist, and busy mum, Angela Chalmers, says: “However hard we try to avoid it, most families will experience head lice at some point and quite often, this little problem can even be passed onto mum and dad, but there are some simple things you can do to try and keep your child head lice-free:
  • Check your child’s head regularly – at least once a week so you can spot head lice as soon as the eggs appear
  • For girls, opt for hair styles that keep the hair tied back such as plaits and pigtails, over loose hair
  • Make sure your child has their own hairbrush for use at sleepovers and sport clubs and try to encourage them not to share with other people
“If your child does catch head lice, thankfully your local Boots pharmacy can come to the rescue with a range of treatments designed to get rid of the problem - fast.  Treatment options range from traditional shampoos and solutions, to a nifty electric head comb, so there is a solution to suit everyone.”
Score an easy Eye Check
With 80% of a child’s learning achieved through sight[1], the new school term is the perfect time to make sure your child’s eyes are healthy.  Boots Optometrist, Carolyn Norman says: “All children have their eyes checked when they are babies, but given that sight deterioration or eye problems can occur at any age, it is important to continue with a free eye health check at least every two years from the age of four. If parents suspect a problem at an earlier age, they should consult their GP or optometrist.
“After being away from the classroom for the summer, signs such as a child rubbing their eyes a lot or blinking excessively may indicate a sight issue, but sometimes there are no obvious symptoms.  This is why it is vital to book kids in for a free eye health check.  It is also worth remembering that eye health checks can actually be really interesting and fun for children.  After all, kids love experiencing all things new and different."
To ensure kids can start the new school term as they mean to go on, here is the Boots UK back to school health checklist:
  • Easy eye health check: With so much to see and do, children’s eyes need to be kept in tip-top condition to ensure they do not miss a moment of the fun.  Boots Opticians provides free, NHS-funded eye health checks** to all under 16s and make it easy for parents to keep young eyes protected by including its Protect Ultratough UV lenses, as standard, with every single pair of children’s frames it sells.   Also, knowing children are prone to a bit of rough and tumble, the Boots Ultratough lenses benefit from being scratch resistant, reflection free and are so tough they are virtually unbreakable!  Visit to book an eye health check online.
  • Lice busting: Getting rid of head lice is quick and easy with Boots UK head lice solutions.  Boots Pharmaceuticals Head Lice Solution 2 Years Plus (£9.99, 200ml, now available on a save £1 promotion***) is easy to apply, works in 15 minutes, and is clinically proven to eliminate both head lice and their eggs.  The lotion is silicone-free and leaves hair clean, soft and manageable.  For parents who are keen to try a different approach, the Boots Electronic Head Lice Comb (£20.79) detects and kills head lice and can be used on dry hair.
  • Immunity support: To help keep a child’s natural defences in tip top condition, it is important for them to achieve their recommended daily allowance of vitamins.  Boots Pharmaceuticals Multivitamin Gummy Bears 30 Mini Packs (£5.99, 30 mini packs) are designed to appeal to junior taste buds and active imaginations, complementing that tricky healthy balanced diet, these help give the body the vitamins and minerals needed to help you stay healthy.  For something a bit different, kids can also enjoy Boots Pharmaceuticals Multivitamin Effervescent (£2.55, 20 tablets) for a fizzing vitamin experience.
  • Keep colds under wraps: To keep on top of germs this winter, Boots Pharmaceuticals Anti Viral Hand Foam (£3.19, 50ml) is great for keeping little mitts clean and germ free.  Colds can also be kept at bay with Boots Pharmaceuticals Children’s Cold Defence Nasal Spray (£5.00, 20ml, save £1.29, was £6.29***).  This clever gel spray helps prevent children from catching a cold, or if used at the first signs, it can reduce the severity and duration of a cold.  Suitable from six months old, it has a clinically proven antiviral effect and is suitable for daily use. (Use Biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use)

Check out our children’s immunity bundle now available online at:
  •  Reliable remedies: If a child does manage to end up under the weather, Boots UK has a range of easy solutions.  For winter sniffles, Boots Pharmaceuticals Mild Vapour Rub 3 Months Plus (£3.39, 45g, always read the label) helps clear congestion, blocked noses and coughs, and Boots Pharmaceuticals Paracetamol 3 Months Plus (£2.29, 100ml, always read the label) acts to relieve mild to moderate pain and reduces fever.  Tummy bugs are also common among children, in which case Boots Rehydration Treatment (£2.99, 6 sachets, always read the label) can help prevent dehydration by replacing lost salts and fluids.
Bumps and scrapes often arise in school and out, and Boots first aid products are on hand to help.Boots Pharmaceuticals St. John Ambulance Travel First Aid Kit (£11.99) is ideal for quickly patching up any minor injuries.



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