Winter Flu Vaccinations more important than ever

06 July 2020

With people across the UK being more conscious about protecting the health of themselves and their families, this winter it will be more important than ever for people to get winter flu vaccinations. We spoke to Marc Donovan Chief Pharmacist at Boots to hear why…

“As COVID-19 continues to be present in the UK, it is more important than ever for people to consider getting their flu vaccination this year. Although the flu vaccination does not prevent Coronavirus in any way, both of these viruses have an impact on the respiratory system so if you can prevent the flu, it can be a huge benefit to your overall health including your immune system.

We also know that winter is a particularly busy time for GPs and hospitals. Vaccinating to protect against influenza could help reduce the risk of the NHS becoming overwhelmed with both cases of flu and COVID-19. We are glad to be opening a list for customers to register their interest in a flu vaccination, so they can plan ahead and look to protect themselves ahead of the winter flu season.

Understandably we know our customers are more conscious about the measures they take to safeguard their health right now, especially when they are out and about. Since the beginning of lockdown Boots has remained open after being named an essential retailer and throughout this time we have prioritised the safety of our customers and colleagues.

79% of customers have said they feel safe during their visit to Boots and 77% feel the store has been well organised to protect their safety[1], so hopefully people will feel reassured when coming into store for their flu vaccination or any other pharmacy appointment.”

The Boots Winter Flu Jab Service will be returning and new for this year, customers can register their interest in getting vaccinated on Once customers have registered, they will be the first to hear when online appointment bookings open in July. Appointments will then be available from September to both customers who are eligible for a free NHS flu jab or as part of the private vaccination service.

New safety measures and processes have been adopted in store to ensure the experience for customers and colleagues is as safe as possible when someone comes in for their flu jab or another pharmacy service.

[1] Data provided by Kantar. Sample size: 1200 nationally representative. Data collection period was 27th April – 17th May