Boots opens pop-up ‘Bootique’ in Birmingham - the Tween Captial of the UK

19 December 2019

Following the launch of its Gift Like You Get Them campaign, Boots opened its third and final Christmas Bootique on the 12th December in Birmingham. ‘The What To Buy The Strange Moody Tweenager Formally Known As Your Little Angel’ Bootique is a one-of-a-kind pop-up, full of exciting gift ideas and experiences for tweens - open between the 12th - 18th December.

Designed for the kids who no longer write letters to Santa, and spend all their time trying new Snapchat filters or perfecting their Tik Tok moves, Boots invited shoppers to step into an Instagram-friendly world where they can get the perfect selfie with their tweenager and find their dream Christmas gift.

A rainbow emoji immersed shoppers into a tween’s dreamland – a brightly-coloured universe filled with gift ideas. Visitors could choose from five different emojis that represent their tween to discover a specially curated kit containing a selection of gifts to match their mood.

Located inside the Birmingham Bullring Shopping Centre, the Tweenager Bootique appeared in the city after a research survey revealed that Birmingham is the ‘Tween Capital of the UK’ with 45% more tweens compared to the national average.

Boots is launching hundreds of ‘Bootique’ gift edits, curated around different personalities and interests, so customers can find the right gift for the very different people in their lives. The edits will appear in Boots stores, as well as online and on social media channels.