Boots helps vaccinate the nation with launch of first COVID-19 vaccination site in Halifax pharmacy - with more sites to come

13 January 2021

  • Boots will offer NHS COVID-19 vaccinations at Halifax pharmacy from today
  • Approval received to open additional vaccination sites at Gloucester and Huddersfield Boots pharmacies in  January, with option to roll out to further locations nationwide in future
  • All vaccination sites will be run from Boots stores in line with its exceptional safety, clinical and operational standards
  • Boots has considerable expertise in the delivery of vaccinations and is proud to support NHS England with this service

Boots UK announces that from today it will start delivering COVID-19 vaccinations, supporting NHS England to vaccinate the nation.


Boots has worked closely with the local commissioning groups to launch the first Boots vaccination site in Halifax this week. The site will administer the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and will operate from specially designed facilities in the Halifax store. Boots will open two additional vaccination sites in its Huddersfield and Gloucester pharmacies in the coming weeks, with an option to expand further to more Boots stores in the future.

Seb James, Managing Director of Boots UK and ROI, said: “As we begin vaccinations at our Halifax pharmacy today, we are incredibly proud to support the NHS during this extraordinary time. Like COVID-19 testing, we believe Boots can play a key role in the vaccination programme – our pharmacists are experts in vaccination programmes and have a trusted role at the heart of our local communities. Pharmacies are extremely well placed to support the roll out of this vaccine quickly and safely, and we stand ready to do much more. We stand ready to do more to support the NHS and the government to accelerate its rollout.”

Boots has extensive knowledge, experience and proven capability in vaccination services making it well placed to support the NHS in delivering the vaccine across the UK. Boots has presented a model for COVID-19 vaccinations to be administered in Boots stores, aligned with its exceptional safety, clinical and operational standards.

As part of its preparations to support these three new vaccination sites, Boots has already begun specialist training with pharmacists on the handling and administering of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Patients will be invited directly by the NHS to book their COVID-19 vaccination appointment at the Boots Halifax, Gloucester and Huddersfield pharmacies.