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Customers and Communities

At Boots, we have the privileged  position of being at the heart of communities in the UK.

We want to work collaboratively with these communities and customers to achieve our sustainability goals. Being transparent about what we are doing as a business, and by providing positive product choices on our shelves will help us to do this  and so, creating healthier, more sustainable lifestyles for all.

What we’re doing

We’re committed to creating health communities that help us make a healthy planet for all. We’ve already made some progress, but are focused to take on more:

Together with No7, our Recycle at Boots scheme allows customers to return their
hard-to-recycle packaging for health, beauty and wellness products. The scheme is currently available in 700 stores across the UK. To find out more about the scheme visit

While we continue to work on reformatting products to more sustainable alternatives an important interim step is to support our customers recycle the products we sell wherever possible.

We know that currently 86% of people already recycle in their bathrooms* but there’s always room to recycle more. Every product recycled helps to retain the value of the material used and bring it back into the circular economy so it can be used again and again.

*Source Recycle Now website

  • Making sustainable toiletries more affordable

We believe that sustainable living and products shouldn’t come with a huge price tag. It’s important to us at Boots to ensure that our sustainability standards are met for all our products so as to make sustainable living accessible to all. We’re working hard to create products that are great value, lessen impact and are good for you. We’re also working with our partner The Hygiene Bankto support the issue of hygiene poverty.

  • Consistently grow the Boots Be More range

The Boots Be More range of products encourages our customers to make small changes to their purchases to be more sustainable.  The Be More logos shows that an item is made with zero plastic, recycled materials, is  vegan or cruelty free, or is designed to be re-used.

Our ambition is for this range to continue to grow to be able to offer customers more ways to make simple swaps in their routines and that’s why we’re working with our suppliers to help grow this range.

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