On the move… transport and the environment

We all know the impact driving our cars everywhere can have on the environment which is why we increasingly play a part in reducing emissions, whether it’s walking our children to school, using our bikes or car sharing at work.

At Boots we feel we have a huge role to play in helping the environment and with numerous vehicles delivering products to around 2,500 Boots stores, we take our role in reducing our carbon footprint very seriously.

What we’re doing to help the environment

We work with a third party provider to deliver our retail products from our warehouses to your local Boots store and we are continually working with them to reduce our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and be as environmentally friendly as we can be.

Some of the main things we are doing include:

  • Working with our colleagues in stores to plan the most efficient delivery routes and schedules without reducing the stock availability of the products you love. By optimising the distance travelled we reduce the amount of fuel used and its related emissions, as well as saving costs
  • Introducing off-peak deliveries: Helping to reduce road congestion and improve fuel efficiency through less time spent in queuing traffic
  • Using double-deck trailers: This allows us to fill these vehicles with as many products as possible, reducing the amount of trucks on the roads
  • Backloading: Using returning, empty delivery vehicles to collect more products for our warehouse from our suppliers en route, reducing the distance travelled and emissions produced
  • A founding member of the Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS): This industry-wide initiative records, reports and, most importantly, aims to reduce carbon emissions from freight transport. The scheme was endorsed by the Government’s Department for transport in April 2011. Further information can be found at

As a result of some of these initiatives and our work with our third party logistics providers, we have been awarded the maximum 5 stars by five regional ECO Stars schemes around the UK.