Empowering our colleagues, customers and brands

Caring for our colleagues, customers and local communities has always been at the heart of everything we do. For over 170 years, we have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to operating as a responsible business and now, more than ever, it is our responsibility to hold true to this commitment. We must stand up, take action, and demand change when we see injustice.

As an organisation, our vision is to create a culture where diversity, equity and inclusion are at the forefront of our thinking. From the products we sell in our stores to the inclusive environment we aim to create for our colleagues and customers, we take a zero-tolerance approach to racism and prejudice of any kind.

However, we know there is always room for us to do better - and we will.

Following the racial equality movement that’s helping to eradicate racism around the world, we are continuing to listen to the experiences, views and feelings of our Black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues and customers. As a force for good, we are using these insights to develop an action plan that will help us enforce permanent changes within our organisation.

We are holding ourselves and each other accountable for change, and the three commitments set out below are just the beginning.

Our leadership team will continue this journey by proactively listening, learning and taking decisive action in collaboration with our colleagues and customers to help make Boots a more diverse, equitable and inclusive place that everyone is proud to be a part of.


1.  We are committed to ongoing colleague education and development about diversity, equity and inclusion

To support racial equity, we are:

  • continuing to engage with our colleagues across the business; from local team meetings through to listening groups with our Executive team
  • making our Unconscious Bias and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning modules mandatory for all colleagues
  • introducing anti-racism and allyship learning content into our colleague and leadership capability models.

2.  We are committed to creating a workforce that reflects the customers, patients and communities we serve

To support racial equity, we are:

  • confidentially and voluntarily gathering essential diversity and ethnicity data from our colleagues so we can make informed and targeted improvements
  • reviewing our recruitment process to attract more diverse talent and to remove opportunities for potential bias
  • reviewing the equity of our talent and development programmes to support the progression of all Black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues.

3.  We are committed to building brands and services that represent the communities we serve

To support racial equity, we are:

  • continuing to listen, learn from and collaborate with Black, Asian and minority-owned brands, founders, content creators and activists
  • ensuring our diverse partnerships are increasingly represented and heard across all our platforms and communication channels
  • continuing to cast an even more diverse range of models and talent in our campaigns
  • continuing to introduce product ranges that celebrate racial diversity
  • increasing the diversity of our product testing panels
  • committed to working with a diverse and inclusive range of suppliers and partners.