The Hygiene Bank

Supporting hygiene poverty in local communities is not a new mission for Boots since opening its doors over 170 years ago. In fact, soap was one of the first non-medicinal products that our founder Jesse Boot sold because he recognised that basic hygiene is the foundation of good health.

Since 2019, Boots and The Hygiene Bank have worked together in partnership to provide essential hygiene and personal care products to those living in poverty. During FY21, Boots UK alone has donated over 222k toiletries to the Hygiene Bank bringing the combined figure with No7 Beauty Company to over 687k of products donated.*

There is an estimated one in five people in the UK living in poverty, and whether it impacts someone at school, in their job or in their social life, if someone can’t be clean it can have a catastrophic effect on their mental wellbeing. From deodorant to shower gel, and everything in between, our partnership with The Hygiene Bank is helping to tackle hygiene poverty throughout the UK.

*Data up to 31st August 2021, inclusive of Fareshare partnership donations.

In store donation points

Here at Boots we believe that everyone has the right to feel good, and access to essential toiletries shouldn’t stop that. We’ve installed donation points in 465 of our Boots stores, all of which can be found by the side of the tills. Once we’ve gathered your donations, The Hygiene Bank will redistribute the products to schools, charities, local authority services and voluntary organisations in your local area.

Covid-19 Pandemic

With the support of FareShare, throughout the pandemic, Boots UK and The Hygiene Bank have donated over 200,000 toiletries across the UK to those who need them most. This includes frontline NHS staff and vulnerable people living in poverty in communities across the UK. Thousands of toiletries, including hand cream, toothpaste and shower gel, helped and continue to help people to get better access to hygiene essentials during this difficult time for our country.

Educational Resources

We work alongside The Hygiene Bank to help young people get to grips with the issue of hygiene poverty and understand how they can support vulnerable people in their communities. Through National Hygiene Week and our Back to School campaigns we provide educational resources for primary and secondary school pupils. Download our resources below.