Boots Charitable Trust

Supporting the local community in Nottinghamshire

Established in 1970, Boots Charitable Trust is an independent registered charity in the UK, wholly funded by Boots UK. To date, the Trust has donated over £10 million to charities across the county.

Due to the Boots heritage in Nottingham, Boots Charitable Trust also help smaller voluntary organisations in the local Nottinghamshire area that are too small to qualify for charitable status, but still desperately need financial support for their projects.

Applying for help

If you know a local charity that is looking for support from Boots Charitable Trust, click here for more information on how to apply. Applications are accepted via the online Application Form.

If charities require a paper application, these have to be requested by emailing or call 07739 835909.

While we look at nominations from all different charities, our main focus is on the following areas that are very close to our hearts and heritage:

  • Health: Community healthcare, such as homecare or support for sufferers of medical conditions, and health education and prevention
  • Lifelong learning: Local literacy and numeracy projects
  • Community development: For example, supporting councils in providing voluntary services
  • Social care: Personal, social or community activities or schemes

Non-funded projects

Here is some guidance on those projects we do not supply funding for:

  • Projects benefitting people outside of Nottinghamshire
  • Individuals
  • Organisations that are NOT registered charities and have an income or expenditure of more than £5,000 per year
  • Charities seeking funds to re-distribute to other charities

Projects for which there is a legal statutory obligation, or which replace statutory funding

Deadlines for processing applications

Nominations are reviewed bi-monthly by a board of Trustees. Deadlines for receipt of applications are 7 February, April, June, August, October and December. The application process can take between two to four months. You will hear back via email/post within two weeks of the trustees meeting. 

Who are our Trustees?

  • Pete Bowery – Retail Director (Chair)
  • Andrew Caplan – Director of Prescription Services & Pharmacy Operations 
  • Floss Walton-Bateson – Director of Commercial Finance 
  • Lavinia Moxley – Head of Global Beauty Academy 
  • Stuart Buchanan – Director of Property Development

As well as supporting our strategic charity partners to deliver their life-changing work across the UK, Boots also continues to support the local community in its hometown of Nottingham. Since being founded in 1970, Boots Charitable Trust has been providing awards of up to £10,000 to support projects that benefit the community of Nottingham. Some examples of the projects funded include:

Literacy Volunteers – The Story Box Project (awarded £9,750)

The Story Box project creates story boxes to be delivered to families at home across Nottinghamshire. Their aim is to help children in early years settings, primary and secondary schools to have fun developing their reading and communication skills.

Families receive multiple story boxes containing:

  • A book
  • Word cards
  • Activity leaflets specifically developed for parents
  • Additional resources to make and create play items at home. 

The activities show families how to incorporate the story, learning and fun all together. Families can also be supported by accessing six online literacy sessions that help build confident communication online as well as offline. 

Our grant supports the development of activity sheets, materials and resources for the story boxes that provide education support to those families who need it most.

Trent Bridge Community Trust – TBCT Metal Health Project (awarded £10,000)


The TBCT Mental Health Project launched a physical activities and mental health programme that is targeted to males in the local Nottinghamshire area. The project delivers weekly sessions to bring people together, help them focus and become active. Followed by opportunities to socialise, discuss positive Mental Health with their expert mental health team. 

Our grant will help support with the cost experts and facilities to support men struggling with their mental health.

Read Easy Nottingham (awarded £2,000)

The project supports the development of Read Easy’s work in Nottingham enabling them to increase the number of adults that they support, through recruiting and training more reading coaches. 

Through reports from the national Read Easy charity they highlight improvements in self-esteem, employment opportunities, mental and physical health, and community involvement from the beneficiaries that are involved in the project. 

Our funding supports training of new coaches and the cost of resources to ensure adults around Nottingham are getting support with the vital life skill of reading.

Dance4 – The Selfhood Practices: Fibromyalgia Project (awarded £10,000)

The Selfhood Practices: Fibromyalgia project will support the use of dance, choreography and artistic experiences to find innovative ways to support patients diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FM). Through a programme of workshops, action research and evaluation, Selfhood Practices aims to support FM patients to improve their health, wellbeing, confidence and self-efficacy. 

Dance4 will work in partnership with the Nottingham City Care Partnership Pain Management Team to help FM patients learn new methods of living positively with their condition. 

Our grant will contribute to the Lead Artist fees, Support Artist fees, Visiting Artist fees, Artists Mentoring, Film and Photography, Venue Hire, Marketing and Project Management, The partners, Trusts and Foundations also supporting funding.

Nottingham Playhouse – The Playhouse Platform Project (awarded £8,463)


The Playhouse Platform project supports adults with learning disabilities to create drama, develop life skills and gain valuable employment experience. Participants work with specialist practitioners during weekly sessions held at the playhouse focusing on areas that develop leadership, performance, design and public engagement skills that can be used in day-to day life.

The Boots Charitable Trust funding will support the costs of session leaders, planning and delivery of the sessions.


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