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Celebrating Nottingham’s Heroes

12 October 2017

Boots UK and the Nottingham Post joined forces last night at the Nottingham Heroes Awards to celebrate local community champions.

The Awards are for people of all ages who go out of their way to help those around them. From celebrating people who have committed a simple act of kindness or generosity to those who have spent their whole lives volunteering for good causes, the Awards recognise the people in the community who might not go out seeking recognition, but nevertheless deserve it.

On the evening, Una Kent, Director of Communications and CSR at Boots, commented: “Heroes come in many guises, your mum, your teacher, neighbour, friend, and often they act on instinct – they do what they do because it’s the right thing, and because it helps others who might need just a little hand. Everyone who puts that little bit extra in to make the lives of those around them a little bit better is absolutely a hero, and the kind of person we need more of.”

Some of our Boots Support Office colleagues were recognised on the evening as well when they were shortlisted for the Good Neighbour Award on behalf of the time that they volunteer for Macmillan Cancer Support. They each support people who are affected by cancer by visiting them in their own homes and helping with a range of practical activities which can be difficult after diagnosis – from doing the ironing and vacuuming to running essential errands, or just offering an ear to listen.

Una, continued: “It’s is a privilege to be a part of this special event in our hometown, and to work in partnership with the Nottingham Post to celebrate our heroes - the ones who make Nottingham brilliant.”

Care at Boots

Care for others is absolutely at the heart of Boots – and has been ever since our first store opened in the mid-19th century. Our founder, Jesse Boot was extremely passionate about care, and particularly in his hometown of Nottingham.

When he took over his father’s store in 1870, Jesse’s mission was to champion everyone’s right to survival. His business first started in the city centre offering affordable healthcare for the poor, and as it grew, he invested in improving the quality of life for people living in Nottingham, donating affordable housing, and opening green space at the University of Nottingham park.

By the 1950s, the brand had moved with the times, responding to the founding of the NHS, and also to women’s growing role in society and as independent wage earners. Our role was to champion everyone’s right to a basic standard of health and beauty.

Fast forward to today. We live longer, but also are affected by more long term conditions. Cared for by more sophisticated healthcare businesses, people want to feel good, and our mission is to champion everyone’s right to.

Our passion for helping others is embedded into our stores and colleagues across the UK, and in particular in Nottingham, the home of Boots, where over 6,000 of our colleagues live and work.