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Boots UK Launches New Private HPV Vaccination Service Offering Parents an Opportunity to Protect Their Sons and Not Just Their Daughters

We know that taking active steps to help protect themselves and their children against preventable diseases is important to our customers. Yet, despite a high awareness around the need to protect females against HPV (Human Papillomavirus), which can lead to certain types of cancer, few people know that the virus also affects males. To complement the current NHS HPV cervical cancer vaccination programme for 12-13-year-old girls in the UK** Boots UK is extending its private HPV vaccination service...

11 April 2017 xx

Research Supports Patient Appetite for a New Person-Centred Approach to Healthcare in Community Pharmacy

Community Pharmacy Future have today published research* supporting a new person-centred approach to community pharmacy care, helping patients to achieve improvements in lifestyle and condition management.

The volume of patients living with multiple long-term health conditions is increasing and the current UK healthcare system is not designed to cope with this ever-growing demand.  Community pharmacists can help alleviate the pressure by using their clinical skills in increasingly diverse ways,...

03 April 2017 xx

WE Schools in partnership with Boots UK inspires 65 schools in Nottingham and the surrounding area

Thousands of young people in Nottinghamshire Make a Difference

The WE Schools programme, run by WE, an organisation that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world, challenges young people to identify the local and global issues that spark their passion to take action.

Young people were empowered through sessions hosted by an inspirational speaker and facilitator from WE and supported by Boots UK to make a difference to important issues at school, in their local commun...

23 March 2017 xx

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