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How to submit

The submission process

We have asked a third-party portal management company, IXC-UK Ltd, to manage our portal for us. If you click on the submission link below, you will be taken to their website where you will be asked to register an account and submit details of your invention. IXC-UK Ltd will carry out the initial screening of submissions, to make sure they fulfil our requirements on intellectual property and scientific evidence, and determine whether they fit within the needs and requirements of Boots. Submissions which pass this screening process will then be passed on to the relevant people within Boots for consideration and progression. All submissions will be stored on a database held by IXC-UK Ltd, and IXC-UK Ltd will handle all initial correspondence.

Why we are using a third party

The use of a third party to manage our portal provides a number of advantages. It simplifies the initial submission process, providing dedicated resources and people such that all submissions can be responded to quickly and efficiently.  IXC-UK Ltd can arrange their own CDA with submitters where additional information is required to properly assess a submission. This information will not be passed to Boots, protecting the Intellectual Property rights of the submitter and limiting intellectual contamination of current Boot projects.

Still interested? 

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