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Celebrating 100 Years Of Power Generation

17 September 2015

Our first Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant was constructed at the Island Street site in Nottingham in 1915 and Boots has been producing power to run its business and manufacturing over the last 100 years.

In fact, our site in Beeston still produces, manufactures and distributes products to our c.2,500 stores using the power generated by our own on site CHP plant.

Since 1915, a wide variety of energy initiatives have also been adopted at Boots. One of the most recent is our EnergyCare programme.

The centenary anniversary celebrations of CHP Plant energy generation organised through the EnergyCare programme, included a celebratory event held at our current CHP plant which was attended by current and former employees, and an outdoor cinema showing where some of the audience produced all of the power needed for the film screening by pedalling bicycles.

For more information about Energy and Carbon Management at Boots, please visit this page.