Boots colleagues – inclusion and diversity

Our teams, whether in stores or our support office, are amazing – they inspire great ideas, drive new plans forwards and help make Boots a fantastic place to work.

Ensuring that we are always recruiting, retaining and promoting a diverse mix of colleagues who are representative of the diversity in our local communities gives us a great opportunity to have access to a broad range of ideas and allows us to give you the wide mix of products you know and expect from Boots.

Here’s a snapshot of our team’s profile:

  • 79 per cent are women
  • 35 per cent are from an ethnic minority

The introduction in 2012 of our ‘Dignity at Work’ policy ensures we remain in line with legislation, but we know we always have more work to do to ensure we are truly representing a diverse range of UK communities.

A diversity and inclusion day, facilitated by Business in the Community for the full Boots UK executive team, took place in February 2013. It also included guest speakers from two other leading companies.

The workshop day gave us even greater focus, and helped us refresh our strategy and plans for diversity and inclusion. It also helped us look at our priorities, with the following initiatives being just a few examples of the improved programmes being put in place:

  • A broad range of career programmes for all our colleagues
  • Actively delivering a work experience programme with communities that are traditionally hard to reach
  • A diversity e-learning package

The Women in IT network was established to promote the talents of women in Boots IT and to provide networking and mentoring opportunities and to ‘give back’ to the local community.

Women in IT wants to help increase the number of women in the sector, improve life for those women already working in IT, to keep their talent in the business and to address the gender imbalance issue. Most importantly it sets out to provide help, support and inspiration that women can apply both in and out of work.

Benchmarking our progress

We have recently participated in the Business in the Community “Opportunity Now” and “Race for Opportunity” benchmarking surveys that centre on gender and race equality. The results are helping us to further shape our strategy and plans.

For related activities, please see our Learning and Development section