As a product developer and a retailer of thousands of products, from No7 makeup through to Soltan sun cream, we know that what goes into the manufacture of a product is just as important to our customers as what comes out.

All Boots products are in some way made or processed using chemicals, whether natural or synthetic, so considering the impact of these chemicals on people’s health or the environment is fundamental to us operating in an ethical and safe way.

In the early planning stages of our product development processes, Boots experts consider a variety of factors to help develop products that will not only delight customers but will also protect the environment. As well as price, quality, efficacy and other considerations, our team of experts makes important safety and environmental decisions so customers know they can trust the products they love to buy.

Boots: taking a protective approach

We’ve been chemist to the nation for over 160 years and we’re really proud of the expertise and loving care and attention that go into every Boots product.

To help ensure our products and their ingredients are safe for people and kind to the environment, we set up a Safety of Chemicals Committee as long ago as 2003. This committee managed a huge database of chemicals and their effects ensuring expert, impartial advice on chemical usage.

The committee, with expertise in many different areas such as chemistry, toxicology and environmental impact, was responsible for the publication of the Boots 2003 policy and strategy on the use of chemicals, outlining the Boots approach to chemical usage and the precautions the company takes to ensure the highest standards of safety.

Chemicals working group

Our primary focus is still on listening to what our customers, eminent scientists around the world and other groups are concerned about and then making sure we address these issues. The working group has clear targets which are updated regularly to help ensure everyone can be confident in the chemicals used in products and their safety.


Chair of the Boots chemical working group, 2013

When looking at chemicals, the core considerations the group discusses are:

  • Any immediate health concerns of longer term health effects
  • Environmental impacts
  • Product efficacy
  • Availability and the cost of seeking alternatives
  • Any regulations that may constrain usage
  • Customer concerns

Of course, the story doesn’t end there - we are continually striving to find new and better ways of improving our use of chemicals, particularly in areas such as “green chemistry”, which explores how green and sustainable solutions can be used in the manufacture of products.

Alongside this, we also keep up with the latest improvements in best practice to ensure we are continually able to advise and influence the markets we operate in.

So, when you next buy or use a product from Boots, you can feel confident that they are suitable for you and your family, letting you get on with simply enjoying them!

For decades we have applied our precautionary approach to the choice of chemicals we use in products ensuring that the materials we use continue to meet the highest safety profile