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We're on a mission to provide our customers and patients with great healthcare products and services, which help them look and feel better than they ever imagined.

We aim to be the first choice for healthcare, reaching our customers and patients in new ways and with real convenience.  From our local pharmacies to our largest flagship stores, from care homes through to prison services, we aim to give a great pharmacy experience.

Healthcare in Boots is not just about dispensing prescriptions, but also about offering expert advice to all our patients and customers, ensuring they get top quality patient care in a location that is convenient to them. Working closely with the NHS, Boots is about providing easy access to quality healthcare services across the UK, ensuring that our patients get what they need at a time and a place that is convenient to them.

Working with the NHS

Boots is a key partner of the NHS. Pharmacy leaders and the Government have agreed new ways for pharmacists to work more closely with the NHS to design new services to meet the specific needs of your community. These are listed in our 'Pharmacy Services' section.

Many of our pharmacy teams work closely with primary care organisations, meeting local healthcare needs, and with our national voice we're helping to shape Government thinking about our nation's health.

Providing you with healthcare services

As well as dispensing prescriptions, providing a wide range of medicines and health products and offering good advice for you and your family, we also have a wide range of healthcare services designed to help you get the best from your medicines and stay fit and healthy.

You can find out about some of the services we offer here.

Expanding the role of pharmacy

We are committed to extending the role of pharmacy professionals in line with the Government priorities. Our team of pharmacists and dispensers are passionate about providing expert advice and healthcare services and we pride ourselves in having great teams to deliver all our customers' healthcare needs. These professionals are at the very heart of our business.

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